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Clinical trial participation: Take part in our survey to inform the conversation

We would like to invite you to take this survey about participation in Parkinson’s clinical trials. The survey is for people with Parkinson’s, who either have or have not previously taken part in a clinical trial. This is an opportunity to tell us about your…

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Rallying to the Challenge 2022

Rallying to the Challenge is a meeting designed for and by people with Parkinson’s, advocates and care partners to explore how the Parkinson’s community can impact and accelerate research.

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World Health Organisation (WHO) launches global strategy for Parkinson’s

The WHO have published a technical brief entitled Parkinson disease: a public health approach, outlining the global burden, treatment gaps and crucial areas for intervention in Parkinson’s.

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Raid Alpine 2022: Team take on the Alps

Setting off on 4 July, 22 dedicated challenge cyclists took on the Raid Alpine route, cycling 770 kilometres through some of the most feared climbs, to raise funds for Cure Parkinson’s and support the charity’s search for a cure.

The influence of diabetes on Parkinson’s progression

In recent research funded by Cure Parkinson’s, scientists have provided the strongest evidence to date that diabetes can affect the progression of Parkinson’s.