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The 2021 International Linked Clinical Trials Meeting

The International Linked Clinical Trials (iLCT) programme is the flagship drug repurposing initiative of Cure Parkinson’s and Van Andel Institute (VAI) focussed on identifying and clinically testing already available drugs that show potential to slow, stop or reverse the progression of Parkinson’s. Every year the iLCT…

The Anle138b Trial

This clinical trial is testing a small molecule called Anle138b to assess its potential to inhibit alpha-synuclein masses accumulating. In Parkinson’s, alpha-synuclein, which is abundant in nerve cells, begins clumping together (or aggregating) and it is believed that this process could be toxic. This trial, it is hoped, will slow-down…

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The clinical trials pipeline for Parkinson’s: 2020/21

Despite the difficulties throughout 2020, a significant amount of clinical trial activity for Parkinson’s was conducted and a new report – involving the research team at Cure Parkinson’s – highlights the landscape of therapeutics being developed for Parkinson’s.

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Farnesol: from perfume to Parkinson’s

A ground-breaking Cure Parkinson’s supported study that involved screening over 230,000 molecules has identified farnesol, a commonly found aromatic oil, as a new potential treatment of Parkinson’s.

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Encouraging trial results from Anavex

Recent positive results from biotech company Anavex Life Sciences have shown that when treated with their experimental drug, blarcamesine, individuals with Parkinson’s dementia had significant improvements in both motor and cognitive symptoms.