The influence of diabetes on Parkinson’s progression

In recent research funded by Cure Parkinson’s, scientists have provided the strongest evidence to date that diabetes can affect the progression of Parkinson’s.

Inhibikase makes a case for c-Abl

Research has suggested that in some cases of Parkinson’s a protein called c-Abl tyrosine kinase is abnormally over-active and this contributes to nerve cell inflammation and eventual cell death. The biotech company, Inhibikase, has been developing a drug which dampens down abnormal c-Abl protein.

New clinical trials targeting the LRRK2 gene

LRRK2 is a protein that becomes hyperactive in some people with Parkinson’s, and this is believed to be involved in the progression of their Parkinson’s.

The 2022 Parkinson’s drug development pipeline report

The 2022 annual report, outlining the current development pipeline of new drug-based treatments for Parkinson’s, has been published.

Parkinson’s Clinical Study Group

Cure Parkinson’s is funding Professor Oliver Bandmann at the University of Sheffield to establish a nationwide infrastructure for a study group focused specifically on conducting clinical trials for Parkinson’s.