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Cure Parkinson’s Research Committee Internship

Cure Parkinson’s is opening a new internship opportunity for young-career researchers to participate in our grant application process by joining our Research Committee.

A new potential biomarker for Parkinson’s

Researchers at Duke University have recently presented data on a new potential biomarker for Parkinson’s.

Our first pipeline project of research

Our first project from our Research Pipeline Acceleration Programme is now underway. Professor Michael Schwarzchild is investigating evidence needed to determine if three iLCT-evaluated compounds are ready to progress into clinical trials for people with Parkinson’s.

New research exploring ethnic diversity in Parkinson’s

A recent study from the Global Parkinson’s Genetic Program found a novel genetic risk factor for Parkinson’s in people of African ancestry. This finding once again brings to light the ongoing need for improving diversity in Parkinson’s research.

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UK joins Horizon Europe giving access to new research grants

On 7 September, the UK rejoined Horizon Europe, the world’s largest research collaboration programme, with exciting opportunities for research funding and collaboration.