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Iron and the brain

Recent studies exploring iron levels in the brains of people with Parkinson’s have shown important implications for its use as a biomarker, as well as a way of potentially assessing the progression of the condition.

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ACT PD – the next generation of clinical trials for Parkinson’s

Would you be interested in joining the ACT PD project team? Funded by the Edmond J. Safra foundation, this 3-year programme will bring together national and international experts to develop a protocol and sustainable strategy for a multi-arm, multi-stage trial platform to investigate disease modifying…

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The Multiple Sclerosis MAMS model for Parkinson’s

One of the most frustrating aspects of the way we currently conduct clinical trials is the long delays between studies. Multi-Arm, Multi-Stage (or MAMS) clinical trials may represent a solution to this cumbersome problem.

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iLCT provides template for drug repurposing in other conditions

The International Linked Clinical Trials programme (iLCT) is one of the largest drug repurposing initiatives in medical research. A recent review article provides an overview of the history, structure and progress of this successful programme.

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Van Andel Institute: Virtual public lecture series

On 20 April, Van Andel Institute are holding a virtual webinar which will feature presentations and a Q&A session with international Parkinson’s disease experts including Cure Parkinson’s Drs. Richard Wyse and Simon Stott.