Your company can help us to find a cure. 

Corporate support and partnerships not only help us fund crucial research into Parkinson’s, but also allow us to raise awareness of Parkinson’s and the devastating effect this condition has on people’s lives.

At Cure Parkinson’s, we partner with businesses of all sizes and sectors to develop meaningful, sustainable relationships.

We pride ourselves on being pioneering, agile, inspired, hopeful, collaborative, and single minded and we like to partner with companies who have a similar mindset.

We will work with you to adapt our partnership to your unique brand and the impact you would like to make in raising awareness of Parkinson’s and resigning it to the history books.

Get in touch to partner with us

Please contact Kelly to discuss how your company could work in partnership with us.

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How we work with you

A dedicated member of the Cure Parkinson’s team will support you through the whole process. We will provide you with bespoke fundraising ideas and opportunities to join Cure Parkinson’s own organised events and challenges.

Whether you are a household brand, a leading wealth manager or a cycling start-up looking to launch a charitable giving or CSR programme, there are opportunities for organisations of every shape and size to make a difference. If you are passionate about eradicating Parkinson’s then we would be delighted to hear from you.

We are immensely grateful for the support of our corporates. Get in touch to find out how your team can join the fight!

Cure Parkinson’s was the obvious choice when AEGIS London decided to support a Parkinson’s charity; we loved the no-nonsense determined intent of its title “Cure”. We know we are making a difference and have thoroughly enjoyed our first year of participation.

Simon Cooper, AEGIS London

Our supporter promise

We are committed to fundraising in an open and transparent way. 

Through corporate partnerships, you will have access to special events, the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and celebrity supporters as well as the potential to hear first-hand from leading Parkinson’s researchers.

For other opportunities, such as supporting us through your Corporate Trust, please read more here: