We are shaping Parkinson’s research by delivering pre-clinical science and clinical trials that have the potential to provide drugs and other treatments that slow, stop or reverse Parkinson’s.

We’re here for the cure. Everything we do is to move us closer to that goal. By “cure”, we mean disease-modifying therapies. Cure Parkinson’s funds research that aims to slow, stop or reverse underlying disease progression; we don’t fund research directed only to symptomatic relief.

Clinically, we are focused on repurposing or repositioning existing drugs, the acceleration of new pharmacological agents, and the development of regenerative therapies. Through our leading International Linked Clinical Trials (iLCT) programme, we are screening and prioritising therapies to be clinically tested, in order to bring new treatments to the clinic as soon as possible for the Parkinson’s community. Once a drug is selected, we work with an international network of hospitals to set up and conduct clinical trials. Pre-clinically, we prioritise research that is likely to lead to clinical trials in people with Parkinson’s within five years.

Our independent research committee interrogates all new research applications and reviews all funded project reports. This ensures research is scientifically robust, progressing effectively and that results are disseminated rapidly. We encourage collaboration between scientists, patients and funders, fostering these relationships to accelerate progress to ultimately benefit people living with Parkinson’s.

Download our full research strategy below.

Cure Parkinson’s Research Strategy

This research strategy will be reviewed in early 2024