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The Virtual London Marathon 2021

We’re delighted to announce that as well as the actual ‘live’ event, the London Marathon will also be taking place virtually on the 3 October 2021. The virtual Virgin Money London Marathon is making a return this year, giving participants the opportunity to take on...

More data from the ‘Blue Rockers’

BlueRock Therapeutics has published two preclinical research reports outlining the cell culturing method that they are taking into clinical trials.

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Parkinson’s and pesticides

Much of our focus is on treatments, but treatments are only part of the story. A vital step for Cure Parkinson’s is to stop people from getting Parkinson’s in the first place. Read more about taking action against pesticide use.

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GDNF – A new chapter

We welcome the news of further investment in GDNF (Glial Cell-Line Derived Neurotrophic Factor) by Parkinson’s UK.

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Is Inhibikase ‘Abl’ to beat nilotinib?

Inhibikase Therapeutics has designed a novel drug that is similar to the drug nilotinib – previously tested in people with Parkinson’s – but is better at reaching its target in the brain.