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An important ruling for aducanumab

On the 7th June, the US FDA held a special meeting and approved an experimental drug called aducanumab for the treatment of Alzheimer’s. This decision represents a major milestone for neurodegenerative research.

The exenatide phase 3 study protocol

Researchers conducting the phase 3 ‘Exenatide PD3’ clinical trial have published the protocol of the study, which outlines the details of the trial. Cure Parkinson’s is supporting two sub-studies within the phase 3 trial.

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Eric Mytton and Dom Kelly Run the West Highland Way for Cure Parkinson’s

From 23-27 May, Eric Mytton and his good friend Dom Kelly took on the amazing challenge of running the iconic West Highland Way in Scotland in support of Cure Parkinson’s and The MS Trust, two charities close to both of their hearts. After taking up…

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Anle138b to target the toxic protein in Parkinson’s

In Parkinson’s, a cell protein called alpha-synuclein, which is abundant in dopamine-producing nerve cells, is known to clump together (or aggregate) and it is believed that this process could be toxic. Anle138b is a small molecule that has been designed to inhibit alpha-synuclein aggregation.

Unmasking LRRK2 and GBA

Connecting genetics and biology is complicated. Researchers around the world have struggled to determine what each functional region of DNA is doing individually, let alone in combination with other regions. And sometimes when the output of combinations is examined, the results can be unexpected. Recently, researchers looked at the consequences of […]