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A ground-breaking Cure Parkinson’s supported study that involved screening over 230,000 molecules has identified farnesol, a commonly found aromatic oil, as a new potential treatment of Parkinson’s.

The ADepT-PD trial (nortriptyline)

This trial is recruiting 408 people in 30 centres across the UK. Funded by the NIHR with support from Cure Parkinson’s, the trial lead is Professor Anette Schrag, the Royal Free Hospital, London. ADEPT-PD Antidepressants Trial in Parkinson’s Disease (ADepT-PD): A randomised placebo-controlled trial on…

The AND-PD Trial

This study (ANxiety with or without depressive features in Parkinson’s Disease ‘AND-PD’) is an observational and imaging study where people at different stages of Parkinson’s will be assessed and followed for one year. This study, led by Professor Anette Schrag, is looking to recruit around…

The Anle138b Trial

This clinical trial is testing a small molecule called Anle138b to assess its potential to inhibit alpha-synuclein masses accumulating. In Parkinson’s, alpha-synuclein, which is abundant in nerve cells, begins clumping together (or aggregating) and it is believed that this process could be toxic. This trial, it is hoped, will slow-down…

The AZA-PD Trial (azathioprine)

Dr Williams-Gray’s team at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Parkinson-Plus are conducting a clinical trial of azathioprine (AZA-PD), a medication already used to treat inflammation by dampening down the immune system’s response, with the aim of slowing brain cell damage and slowing the progression of Parkinson’s….