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Encouraging trial results from Anavex

Recent positive results from biotech company Anavex Life Sciences have shown that when treated with their experimental drug, blarcamesine, individuals with Parkinson’s dementia had significant improvements in both motor and cognitive symptoms.

Improving Parkinson’s Trials: A Delphi Study

Under the visionary leadership of Dr Camille Carroll at the University of Plymouth, Cure Parkinson’s has been supporting an exploratory study at the University of Plymouth to understand the best way of improving clinical trials in order to speed up the development of new treatments…

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Further funding announced for clinical studies and data investigation

After a year of disruption, clinical research has now restarted and lab-based research is getting back on track. Cure Parkinson’s is delighted to report that it is investing significant funds into research in the first quarter of 2021.

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An important ruling for aducanumab

On the 7th June, the US FDA held a special meeting and approved an experimental drug called aducanumab for the treatment of Alzheimer’s. This decision represents a major milestone for neurodegenerative research.

The exenatide phase 3 study protocol

Researchers conducting the phase 3 ‘Exenatide PD3’ clinical trial have published the protocol of the study, which outlines the details of the trial. Cure Parkinson’s is supporting two sub-studies within the phase 3 trial.