The Network for European CNS Transplantation and Restoration (NECTAR) was founded over 25 years ago. Here, Dr Simon Stott presents a brief update on the events at NECTAR 2021.

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Post-hoc analyses of the isradipine and nilotinib trial results

Results from major Parkinson’s clinical trials, of the blood pressure medication isradipine and the cancer treatment nilotinib, found that these drugs had no effect on the progression of the disease. Now, post-hoc analyses of the trial data have identified some interesting results that may deserve…

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Farnesol: from perfume to Parkinson’s

A ground-breaking Cure Parkinson’s supported study that involved screening over 230,000 molecules has identified farnesol, a commonly found aromatic oil, as a new potential treatment of Parkinson’s.

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Is Inhibikase ‘Abl’ to beat nilotinib in treating Parkinson’s?

Inhibikase Therapeutics has designed a novel drug that is similar to the drug nilotinib – previously tested in people with Parkinson’s – but is better at reaching its target in the brain.

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New potential drugs for repurposing in Parkinson’s

The development of new drugs is a long and expensive process, taking many years of funding to bring new therapeutics to treat diseases. Drug repurposing offers a means of rapidly testing already available medicines in diseases that they were not originally approved for.