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Phase 1a trial findings of iLCT prioritised drug, Anle138b

The findings of the phase 1a clinical trial of Anle138b have been published. Anle138b is a new drug that targets the build-up of alpha synuclein, a protein that clumps together in Parkinson’s.

New mRNA activators for Parkinson’s

Research evidence has suggested that in Parkinson’s there is some disruption to a process involved in protein production within cells. This process is known as ‘m6A mRNA methylation’, and activation of this process may protect nerve cells against Parkinson’s. Laboratory research has shown that supporting…

The lonafarnib pre-clinical trial

This research led by Professor Joe Mazzulli, will, it is hoped, give us a better understanding of how lonafarnib can reduce the build-up of the toxic protein alpha-synuclein which is a characteristic of Parkinson’s.

Liraglutide trial: results

Researchers from Cedars Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles have presented their initial top line results of the liraglutide trial, co-funded by Van Andel Institute and Cure Parkinson’s, at the recent American Association of Neurology annual meeting. The results indicate that liraglutide improves aspects of daily living…

Nicotinamide riboside for Parkinson’s: pilot results published

Researchers in Norway have published the promising results of a pilot clinical study of nicotinamide riboside for people with Parkinson’s.