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Pam Willis raises over £16,000 for Cure Parkinson’s!

We are delighted to announce long term supporter and friend of Cure Parkinson’s Pam Willis has raised over £16,000 for our ground-breaking research since she began fundraising for the charity over 10 years ago. This grand total was reached after Pam held her annual bridge…

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Gut feeling about bile acids

Researchers have reported that the ability of gut bacteria to break down fat is disrupted in people with Parkinson’s, resulting in issues with the production of bile acid.

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Positioning prostate drugs for Parkinson’s

Researchers have published evidence that a class of drugs commonly used for the treatment of prostate enlargement may have beneficial properties for Parkinson’s.

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Post-hoc analysis of steady-PD3 trial results

Recent post-hoc analysis of the Steady-PD3 trial data has highlighted some interesting effects.

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‘AskBio’ acquires BNB and GDNF gene therapy trials

BNB and AskBio have joined forces to expand a gene therapy programme for Parkinson’s