We fund both preclinical and clinical research projects that have the potential to cure Parkinson’s.

By “cure”, we mean a “disease-modifying therapy” that will slow, stop or reverse the underlying disease progression of Parkinson’s. In addition, we prioritise research which has the potential to translate into the clinic within five years.

Our Deputy Director of Research, Dr Simon Stott explains this in more details:

Our full Research Strategy (above right) provides more information on the types of research we fund, our funding priorities and how we provide funding. If you have any questions regarding whether your project fits our narrow remit, please email leah@cureparkinsons.org.uk

We do not fund research which is directed only to symptomatic relief.

We fund pre-clinical grants up to £250,000, sub-studies of clinical trials and clinical trials. Please read through the resources below before applying for funding for a research project. Thank you

How does our application process work?

If the proposed project falls within Cure Parkinson’s scope for funding, it will be considered by our independent research committee, which meets on a quarterly basis.

At each research meeting, they discuss new applications and decide whether they are worthy of further evaluation. If they decide that an application deserves consideration, the application will be sent for peer review. The feedback from these external expert opinions will be discussed at the next research committee meeting, and a decision on whether to fund will be made. This process takes approximately three months.

The research application process takes approximately three months.

All successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified of any decisions by the Chairman of the Research Committee and/or a suitable senior Cure Parkinson’s representative.

In order to apply for funding for a research project, please read our Information for Grant Applicants (below). This contains guidance on the process used for assessing projects for funding and the criteria used during assessment.

Please download and complete the forms below then email leah@cureparkinsons.org.uk attaching the completed forms.

If you have any questions regarding our funding scope, application process or subsequent work with successful applicants, please email Leah, as above. Thank you.

When are our next deadlines for application?

2021 deadlines for applications:

4 June
1 October

Detailed Information for Grant Applicants

We welcome applications for funding for suitable research projects. This document provides guidance for potential applicants on the process used for assessing projects and the criteria used during assessment.

Grant Application Form


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Budget Form


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Our Grant Contract

Read our Grant Contract which sets out Cure Parkinson’s terms and conditions to be applied in the event that the application is successful.

Drug and Compound CV


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Commercial Entity Form


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