Raise £1,000 for game-changing Parkinson’s research.

The challenge is as simple as it sounds! The best bit? It’s entirely up to you how you do it and there’s no time limit. Organise one big event, or take your time and reach this fantastic amount after several activities.

You’ll be joining an incredible community of £1,000 Challengers and bringing us one step closer to a cure.

Ideas to reach your £1,000 target

Get active and run a marathon in your local area, climb all your local peaks, host a virtual quiz for friends and family, or even ask for donations instead of birthday gifts – the possibilities are endless. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, a special skill you’d love to share or even a full attic you would like to clear, you could raise the £1,000 through one or multiple activities. 

If you’re part of an active sports or social club, why not team up and hit the target together?

How could my £1,000 support Parkinson’s research?

GDNF and Cell Transplantation

£1,000 could fund a clinical researcher for 20 hours to evaluate assessments involved in a clinical trial. This is a vital step in assessing whether a compound has the potential to be disease-modifying


£1,000 is how much it costs to store 40 samples of DNA in a central genetic databank. A better knowledge of variations in our DNA could not only provide insights into the underlying biology of Parkinson’s but could also help us understand why we are affected differently, and how best to treat the disease.

£1,000 could cover the cost of taking blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples from five participants on a trial. Biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease such as these could help us diagnose patients earlier.

What happens when I hit the target?

You’ll be invited to add or dedicate a name to our virtual Challengers Wall which celebrates your contribution to Parkinson’s research. We’ll also send you a certificate to display at home, school, work or at your club.

Help us reach more challengers by spreading the word to friends and family who are up for the challenge of raising £1,000 too!

For more information, please email Rachel Hunt or call 020 7487 3892.

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