In memory of former Co-founder and President Tom Isaacs who died in May 2017 aged 49, Van Andel Institute and Cure Parkinson’s annually and jointly present this award to a researcher who has shown the greatest impact on the lives of people living with Parkinson’s and/or has involved people with Parkinson’s in a participatory way in their work.

The award is presented in recognition of Tom Isaacs’ vision that a cure for Parkinson’s will be found but greater value is gained from working with people with Parkinson’s in this quest.

Tom seen here in 2012, carrying the Olympic Torch

Nominations for the 2024 Tom Isaacs Award are now open.

Previous winners of the award

Dr Natasha Fothergill-Misbah – 2023

Dr Natasha Fothergill-Misbah’s research focuses on Parkinson’s in sub-Saharan Africa, and she has dedicated her career to improving the lives of people living with the condition in these regions.

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Professors Michael Okun and Ray Dorsey – 2022

Drs. Dorsey and Okun, together with Todd Sherer, CEO of The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and Professor Bastiaan Bloem, a previous Tom Isaacs Award winner, co-authored the hugely significant book Ending Parkinson’s, a breakthrough publication which highlights the urgent need for better education about Parkinson’s.

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Dr Camille Carroll – 2021

Cure Parkinson’s and Van Andel Institute are delighted to announce Dr Camille Carroll, Associate Professor in Neurology at University of Plymouth, as this year’s deserving winner of the Tom Isaacs Award.

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Professor Caroline Tanner – 2020

Professor Tanner is a shining example of the very ethos of the Tom Isaacs Award, which is to recognise a researcher who has shown great impact on the lives of people living with Parkinson’s and has involved people with Parkinson’s in a participatory way in their work

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Dr Tilo Kunath – 2019

Dr Kunath is one of the world’s leading stem cell researchers and it is his compassion and enthusiastic engagement with the PD community, and his willingness to share his expert research knowledge that particularly impressed both those who nominated him and the panel of judges.

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Prof. Bas Bloem and Dr Simon Stott – joint winner in 2018

The comprehensive nominations for both candidates made choosing between them very difficult – therefore it was unanimously judged appropriate to celebrate two winners this year!

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The Tom Isaacs Award is presented annually.