Rallying to the Challenge is a meeting designed for and by people with Parkinson’s, advocates and care partners to explore how the Parkinson’s community can impact and accelerate research.

Each year the meeting takes an aspect of Parkinson’s research and discusses how people living with the condition can support and influence work in this area.

This year’s theme is: ‘Modifying Progression — From Molecules to Trials’ which mirrors the science symposium Grand Challenges in Parkinson’s Disease at Van Andel Institute, U.S.

The meeting is a hybrid in-person/online meeting.

Rallying to the Challenge survey 2022

We would like to invite you to take part in this survey about participation in Parkinson’s clinical trials. We hope this will enable us to create resources that support participation in clinical trials for as many people as possible. Questions will ask about the key barriers, facilitators and motivators to participation in research.

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September 28 – 29
External Event
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Draft Agenda

*Please note the times below are BST. The event is taking place in the U.S. Eastern time.

28th SeptemberSpeaker
08.00 BST/13.00ETGrand Challenges main auditorium
Jay Van Andel Award Lecture Dr Tony Lang, University of Toronto
09.00Welcome and opening comments
Shaun Hindley, Team Spark and Dr Soania Mathur PD Avengers, Jon Stamford
Session 1: Biology and Pre-Clinical Overview
09.10What to target in Parkinson’s? 
Dr Simon Stott
09.30Challenges of translating pre-clinical research to the clinic
Speaker (tbc)
10.00Tea/Coffee – Stretch & Move Break
10.20Panel discussion:
How best to involve PwP in shaping Pre-clinical research?
Dr Jon Stamford, Dr Tim Greenamyre
11.00Session 2:  Clinical Trials
11.00The History of Clinical Trials:  lessons Learned
Dr Tony Lang, University of Toronto
12.00Lunch – Stretch & Move Break
13.00Session 3:  Clinical Trials, Barriers, Motivators, Facilitators
13.00Survey Findings:
Dr Leah Mursaleen and Rosie Fuest and Dr Emma Lane
13.30Break-out Groups
15.00Tea/Coffee – Stretch & Move Break
15.30LEARNING to Inform Trials of the Future
Dr Emma Lane, University of Cardiff
16.15How patient involvement in trial design is having an impact:
Dr Camille Carroll
Q & A
29th SeptemberSpeaker
09.00Welcome and opening comments:
Shaun Hindley, Team Spark and Dr Jon Stamford
Session 4: Clinical Trials
09.10MiND – Collaborating to find genetic and epigenetic changes in
Dr Darren Moore, VAI
09.30The GLP-1 Trials – Dr Wassilios Meissner and Dr Tom Foltynie (tbc)
Mitochondria Dr Oliver Bandmann,
c-Abl and Dr Tanya Simuni (pre-record)
10.40Tea / Coffee – Stretch & Move
Session 6: Future of Clinical Trials
11.00The Challenge of Proving Efficacy:  regulatory position, measuring
target engagement, measuring biochemical change, measuring
clinical change, patient relevant outcomes
Dr Katie Kopil with Gary Rafaloff, Diane Stephenson (pre-record)
11.50Lunch – Stretch & Move Break
13.0010 years of iLCT (Main Auditorium) chaired by Dr Darren Moore
Drs Patrik Brundin, Richard Wyse and Simon Stott
13.30Tom Isaacs Award
13.45Findings from Rallying 2022
Q & A

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