Rallying to the Challenge is a meeting designed for and by people with Parkinson’s, advocates and care partners to explore how the Parkinson’s community can impact and accelerate research.

Each year the meeting takes an aspect of Parkinson’s research and discusses how people living with the condition can support and influence work in this area.

This year’s theme was: ‘Modifying Progression — From Molecules to Trials’ which mirrored the science symposium Grand Challenges in Parkinson’s Disease at Van Andel Institute, U.S.

Re-watch presentations from this year’s Rallying to the Challenge meeting:

Trials of Disease Modifying Therapies: Approaches and Challenges – Dr. Tony Lang

WHO technical brief and Congress Bill to End Parkinson’s – a discussion led by the PD Avengers Larry Gifford and Tim Hague

How patient involvement in trial design is having an impact – Professor Camille Carroll

The GLP-1 Trials for Parkinson’s – Dr. Wassilios Meissner Dr Michele Tagliati

Inclusive Research:  Women with Parkinson’s – Dr Soania Mathur

Rallying to the Challenge Interim Survey Findings – Rosie Fuest and Dr Emma Lane

c-Abl inhibition in Parkinson’s -Dr Tanya Simuni

MiND – Collaborating to find genetic and epigenetic changes in Parkinson’s – Dr Darren Moore

Mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson’s – Dr Oliver Bandmann

Critical Path for Parkinson’s – Diane Stephenson

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