Gavin Hastings and his wife Diane speak about her Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Former Scotland and British Lions captain Gavin Hastings presented the Cure Parkinson’s BBC Lifeline Appeal (a monthly charity appeal programme) which was broadcast on BBC One on Sunday 19th March 2017 and repeated on BBC Two Wednesday 22nd March. Gavin’s wife Diane was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2003 when their children were very young and Diane was still under 40.

The appeal film includes interviews with dedicated Cure Parkinson’s supporters and people living with Parkinson’s, Rachel Gibson and David Sangster, and reveals the significant impact their diagnoses had on every aspect of their lives.

David Sangster (above left) filmed at home, appears in the BBC Lifeline Appeal film

Neurologist Professor Tom Foltynie (pictured top left) who has led a Cure Parkinson’s funded trial of a diabetic treatment within the International Linked Clinical Trials programme, speaks about why he is both passionate and optimistic about the cutting-edge treatments being funded by CPT.

The appeal highlights the innovative work that Cure Parkinson’s is undertaking and the urgent need to fund more research to find a cure.

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