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Farnesol: from perfume to Parkinson’s

A ground-breaking Cure Parkinson’s supported study that involved screening over 230,000 molecules has identified farnesol, a commonly found aromatic oil, as a new potential treatment of Parkinson’s.

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Is Inhibikase ‘Abl’ to beat nilotinib in treating Parkinson’s?

Inhibikase Therapeutics has designed a novel drug that is similar to the drug nilotinib – previously tested in people with Parkinson’s – but is better at reaching its target in the brain.

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Cure Parkinson’s launches legacy campaign

On 27 October, 50 long-time supporters of Cure Parkinson’s gathered at Micklefield Hall in Sarratt, Hertfordshire for the launch of our legacy campaign, Planting for a Cure.

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The Tom Isaacs Charity Golf Day 2021

On Thursday 14 October, 54 players enjoyed a round of golf in memory of Cure Parkinson’s late Co-founder and President, Tom Isaacs, raising over £2,000 for Parkinson’s research. The annual Tom Isaacs Memorial Golf Day, kindly hosted each year by Denham Golf Club, is one…

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Prime Minister awards ‘Points of Light’ to our Fundraiser of the Year

Meriel Buxton, our 2020 Fundraiser of the Year, has received Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Points of Light award.