Cure Parkinson’s welcomes applications for funding for suitable research projects. This page provides guidance for potential applicants on the process used for assessing projects and the criteria used during assessment.

What research do we fund?

We fund laboratory or clinical research projects with potential to cure Parkinson’s.  By “cure”, we mean disease-modifying therapy or therapies: to slow, stop or reverse underlying disease progression.  In particular, we prioritise research which has potential to translate into the clinic within five years. 

We do not fund research which is directed only to symptomatic relief.

We fund pre-clinical grants up to £250,000, sub-studies of clinical trials and clinical trials.

Please see check the resources below before applying for funding for a research project.

Our Grant Contract

Read our Grant Contract which sets out Cure Parkinson’s terms and conditions to be applied in the event that the application is successful.

Our Conflict of Interest Policy

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