From year-long captaincy support to ideas to make the most of your charity golf days – we have everything you need to take to the green and get fundraising. 

Pick us as your Charity of the Year

When you choose Cure Parkinson’s as your club’s charity of the year, you’re choosing to bring us closer to a cure. We can support you through your captaincy and make every event matter. 

Organise your own golf fundraising event

Whether you love golf or know someone who does, golf days have amazing fundraising potential. These tips and tricks will help you tee off your fundraising!

Tournament ideas
  • Alternate shot – Teams of two take alternate shots on the same ball until it is holed. The teams also alternate who hits the drive on each hole
  • Hit the Green- Everyone who makes the green off the tee wins a prize
  • Best Ball – Teams of four take to the green with each person playing their ball throughout the hole and round. Only, on each hole the lowest score counts as the team score.
Fundraising ideas
  • Sell mulligans- Sell tokens symbolising Mulligans (free shots) that players can pull out when they need it most.
  • Raffles and auctions- Hold an auction in the clubhouse after your tournament. Prizes could include: lessons, free rounds, clubs and equipment, a round with a celebrity (if you have contacts), meal or free drinks
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