The International Linked Clinical Trials (iLCT) Pipeline Research Acceleration Programme

This new programme funds research that has been outlined by our iLCT committee to be necessary before a therapy can move into clinical trials for Parkinson’s.

The application process takes approximately six to eight weeks:

The funding remit

Each year the iLCT Committee, which comprises a panel of world-leading scientists and Parkinson’s researchers, meets to evaluate a set of detailed dossiers, developed by the Cure Parkinson’s research team, on therapies that have displayed disease-modifying potential. The committee rank and prioritise the candidates based on whether they are ready to be taken into clinical trial for Parkinson’s. Amongst the agents that are not prioritised to move into trial, are some that the committee regard as showing great potential but require further research before being tested in people with Parkinson’s.

Cure Parkinson’s has set up this Pipeline Research funding call with the objective of accelerating the additional research required for therapeutic candidates evaluated by the iLCT committee that were not considered ready to move forward into clinical trials in people with Parkinson’s. The type of research covered by this programme may include preclinical, epidemiological, dose-finding, or target engagement research.

The application process

Every year this programme will call for expressions of interest and subsequent applications for funding based on specified project outlines developed by Cure Parkinson’s from the iLCT committee feedback, to test one or more therapies that has been evaluated by iLCT but requires further research before moving into clinical trial. These project outlines will include details such as:

• The therapy (or therapies) to be tested
• The type of models to be used
• Any specific assessments to be included
• Max project cost
• Max project duration (typically 6 -18 months)

Expressions of interest received will be reviewed internally to ensure they meet the project criteria before applicants are invited to work with Cure Parkinson’s to submit a full application. For more information on expressions of interest, please read ‘How to apply for funding’ below. Full applications will then be sent for external expert peer review, including at least one reviewer from the iLCT committee. Considering the peer reviews of each application, the Cure Parkinson’s independent research committee will evaluate the applications and make a funding recommendation to Cure Parkinson’s trustees.

For further information about this funding programme, please email


Project outline for applications

The 2023 funding round has now closed. Please check back here in September 2024 for information about the next iLCT Pipeline Research Acceleration Programme funding round. If you have any questions, please email

How to apply for funding

The 2023 funding round has now closed. To learn more about this programme, please email

If you have any questions regarding our funding scope, application process or subsequent work with successful applicants, please email our research team. Thank you.


Application for current grant funding is now closed. Please check back again at a later date to see the timeline for our next funding round.