Calling all Postdocs! Feeling socially distanced? Wondering what you can do to further your career during this time?

Join us for an hour each month to hear early career scientists present and discuss their research online to the scientific community thereby continuing their professional development. Cure Parkinson’s, Van Andel Institute and World Parkinson Coalition present: 

The Parkinson Postdoc Program seminar series – 3P

We’d like to extend a warm welcome, and encourage you to take part in these monthly seminars to continue engaging in professional interaction. We also invite you to present and discuss your research.

The 3P Blog

If you have taken part and are enjoying the programme, take a look at the 3P blog by Liza Bergkvist Ph.D and Michaela Johnson Ph.D at the Van Andel Institute for more insights and commentary on this great initiative!

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3P – Post Doc Seminar – 29 April

Join Sarah Hawes, postdoc at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Rebekah Evans, Assistant Professor at Georgetown University Medical Center.

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3P – Post Doc Seminar – 26 October

Integrating genetic and transcriptomic data from ALS patients across multiple brain tissues.

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3P – Post Doc Seminar – September

Where and how does Parkinson’s start?

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3P – Post Doc Seminar – 27 August

Parkinson’s and DBS: cognitive effects in GBA mutation carriers.

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3P – Post Doc Seminar – 25 August

A neuromodulation clinic focused on physical activities that benefit PwP.

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3P – Post Doc Seminar – 30 July

Cell Biology and Neurodegeneration.

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3P – Post Doc Seminar – 25 June

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3P – Post Doc Programme – 23 June

Crucial Conversations and Self-Awareness – Overcoming Impostor Syndrome and Stereotype Threat in Academia.

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3P – Post Doc Seminar – 28 May

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3P – Post Doc Seminar – 21 May

Olfaction in Parkinson’s.

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3P – Post Doc Seminar – 14 May

Multiple System Atrophy (MSA)

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3P – Post Doc Seminar – 7 May

Career advice – Senior PI Panellist Session

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