Phase 2 trial results of lixisenatide published

The full results of the one-year, phase 2 clinical trial of Type 2 diabetes drug lixisenatide have now been published. This Cure Parkinson’s co-funded trial has reported positive results, indicating that the treatment may slow the progression of motor symptoms. Researchers have reported that the…

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Upcoming GBA1 conference in Montreal

Cure Parkinson’s is co-sponsoring a large three-day international conference on June 27th – 29th that will be focused on all aspects of GBA1 research, from basic science to clinical trials.

Time to ROCK-PD

Researchers in Germany are conducting a new phase 2 clinical trial to determine if an existing cardiovascular drug called fasudil, could help people with Parkinson’s.

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The Movers & Shakers ‘Parky Charter’ petition

We are supporting the Movers & Shakers, along with Parkinson’s UK and Spotlight YOPD, to call on the government to take action to improve the lives of people with Parkinson’s. The Movers & Shakers headed to Downing Street on World Parkinson’s Day (11 April) to…

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International Women’s Day and Parkinson’s

On 8 March, we celebrate International Women’s Day by shining a light on the work of female researchers and scientists who have made significant contributions to the Parkinson’s community, and the impact of their work in advancing our understanding of the role of sex and…