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Parkinson’s and Pesticides

Much of our focus is on treatments, but treatments are only part of the story. A vital step for Cure Parkinson’s is to stop people from getting Parkinson’s in the first place. Read more about taking action against pesticide use.

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GDNF – A New Chapter

We welcome the news of further investment in GDNF (Glial Cell-Line Derived Neurotrophic Factor) by Parkinson’s UK.

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Is Inhibikase ‘Abl’ To Beat Nilotinib?

Inhibikase Therapeutics has designed a novel drug that is similar to the drug nilotinib – previously tested in people with Parkinson’s – but is better at reaching its target in the brain.

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Ambroxol – New Real-World Data

Ambroxol is a cough medication that Cure Parkinson’s is repurposing for potential use in treating Parkinson’s, and recently published data provides further support for this pioneering new study.

Cure Parkinson’s Approves Funding for New Iron Removing Drug

Cure Parkinson’s continues to champion iron chelation for Parkinson’s. Trustees have now awarded a grant to develop the next generation of iron reducing drugs.