Join our virtual Festival of Running!

Choose your distance, plan your best local route and join our friendly, country-wide Run Local community to raise money to cure Parkinson’s.

Choose your distance then create your own challenge by setting your own route, whether you’re an experienced runner looking to push yourself to a PB, or you just want to enjoy a new challenge and get involved your way. Some popular suggestions include:

  • Set up and run a family obstacle course around your garden
  • Run a mile in your local park or go further and do loops until you reach 13.1 miles (a half marathon)
  • Run 5K or 10K with family or friends, socially-distancing as necessary

Why join Run Local?

  • We have a like-minded community of runners who are passionate about running and raising money to cure Parkinson’s.
  • You can share your progress together within our dedicated Strava club “Cure Parkinson’s Run Local”. Strava is a sports app where you can track your run accurately, both distance and speed, and connect with other Cure Parkinson’s athletic supporters! You can find out more here.
  • For a donation of £10 when you sign up, you will receive our eco-friendly Run Local wooden medal.

When you join #TeamCure you’ll receive:

  • Help and support from our team of friendly fundraisers
  • A fundraising pack with top notch tips and tricks
  • Access to fundraising materials to make your fundraising a breeze
  • Regular updates on how you are bringing a cure closer

For more information, please contact or call 020 7487 3892.


May 2021
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