In 2023, over 170 supporters got outside in the spring sunshine to walk their dogs and raise awareness for Cure Parkinson’s. We are thrilled to announce that it’s time for your pet pooches to model their bandanas once more – the April Dog Walking Challenge is back for 2024!

Meet Finlay, one of our furry walkers

You and your furry friends are invited to join our challenge and walk 100km throughout the month of April.

The best part? You can complete this challenge at your own pace and in your own time across the month. There are also no rules on location – got a weekend away in the diary? No worries! Explore the best routes wherever you are and be sure to share your adventures on our April Dog Walking Challenge Facebook group!

If you find 100km is too challenging, then alter the distance to make it work for you. The most important thing is that you get outside in the beautiful spring sunshine with your furry best friend to raise awareness for Parkinson’s!

See what our previous challengers got up to…

We’re delighted to say that our team of dog walkers raised over £36k for Cure Parkinson’s last year. Here are some photos of our supporters walking their four-legged friends…

If you and your pet pooch want to join the challenge, it’s not too late! You can find out how to join below…

How to get involved

  • Join our April Dog Walking Challenge Facebook Group
  • Set up your Facebook fundraiser through our super speedy registration form
  • Get your first donation to receive a FREE snazzy dog bandana, so you and your pet pooch can walk the streets in style!

If you wish to use JustGiving instead of Facebook to raise funds, please email Elizabeth via the button below.

Once you’re all set up, simply head outside every day with your dog and spread the word about your challenge to family and friends. You can also track your walks using our fun distance tracker which can be downloaded below.


Fundraising Target
No minimum fundraising target
Join the Facebook Group


Is it free to take part?

Yes! It is completely free to sign up to our April Dog Walking Challenge.

How do I fundraise?

Once you have joined the April Dog Walking Challenge Facebook Group, you will be asked to register and a Facebook fundraiser will be set up for you automatically! You can then share the link to your fundraising page with family and friends.

Alternatively, if you wish to fundraise through JustGiving, please email Elizabeth.

How do I send in sponsorship money I’ve collected offline?

The easiest way to send cash donations to Cure Parkinson’s is by donating to your own Facebook fundraiser. Alternatively, you can:

  • Send in a cheque made payable to Cure Parkinson’s. Enclose a note with your full name, the email address you used to register and mention that the funds were raised through the April Dog Walking Challenge. Our address can be found on the footer of our website.
  • Pay in funds raised using our online form. Please make sure you specify that the funds were raised from your Dog Walking Challenge.
  • Donate your sponsorship over the phone by calling 0207 487 3892.
How do I get my free dog bandana?

A dog bandana will be sent to you after the first donation has been made to you Facebook fundraiser or JustGiving page! Please note that your bandana could take up to 2 weeks to arrive.

If you have not received your bandana after 2 weeks, please email

Can I request more than one dog bandana?

Each participant will receive one free dog bandana for their challenge.

There will also be a chance to win a LIMITED EDITION bandana for 2024… keep your eyes on the Facebook group to find out how!

If you would like more, you are welcome to purchase them through our online shop.

Will I receive a free Cure Parkinson’s t-shirt for the challenge?

If you would like a Cure Parkinson’s t-shirt to wear throughout your challenge, you can purchase one through our online shop.

How do I track the amount of kilometres I’ve walked?

Strava is a free and easy to use app that can track your distance throughout this challenge.

We also have our super fun walking tracker that you can download and print off at home to keep you motivated throughout the month! You can download this here.

Alternatively, please free free to use whatever tracking device works for you.

Do I have to walk 100km?

We have chosen 100km as a rough guide, but please feel free to make this challenge right for you. It’s all about having the most fun with your dog whilst helping raise funds.

The important thing is that you feel you have challenged yourself. Be clear with your sponsors about how far you intend to walk throughout the month and keep them updated on your progress.

Any more questions?

If your questions haven’t been answered, please reach out to Elizabeth or call 0207 487 3892.

Email Elizabeth