Amarpal Harrar was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2010, aged 57. Since his diagnosis Amarpal has used his love of cooking to raise funds for Parkinson’s research.

Amarpal lives in Stafford with his wife Belle, having moved to the UK from India at the age of seven. They have three children and two grandchildren. Amarpal runs iCookIndian, an authentic Indian culinary experiences company, which raises funds for charities, including Cure Parkinson’s.

Amarpal experienced symptoms a year or so before he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. While they have changed over time, his main symptoms now include tremor in his hands and legs, fatigue, insomnia, confusion and slowness of movement.

“When I was diagnosed, my family were devastated. But now we see it as an opportunity to appreciate things more, and re-evaluate what really matters. I left my job in pharmaceuticals and started iCookIndian as I knew I had to do something for myself, and to help raise some money. Plus, when I’m cooking and teaching others, the tremor almost puts itself away.

“My advice to someone who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s is to speak to others who are living with the condition about how to manage your day-to-day experience of Parkinson’s and to inspire each other. Surround yourself with like-minded people who appreciate who you are now. We all struggle and have doubts, but Parkinson’s isn’t taking you away from the world, it’s just changing it slightly.

Amarpal Harrar

If you are inspired by Amarpal’s story, you could help drive forwards the search for a cure and help consign Parkinson’s to medical history.