The 2022 Parkinson’s drug development pipeline report

The 2022 annual report, outlining the current development pipeline of new drug-based treatments for Parkinson’s, has been published.

Parkinson’s Clinical Study Group

Cure Parkinson’s is funding Professor Oliver Bandmann at the University of Sheffield to establish a nationwide infrastructure for a study group focused specifically on conducting clinical trials for Parkinson’s.

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2022 Gulls’ Eggs Luncheon raises over £90k for Parkinson’s research

On Tuesday 10 May, the City’s leading wealth management professionals gathered in the historic Merchant Taylors’ Hall for the 34th annual Gulls’ Eggs Luncheon, raising over £72k for Parkinson’s research.

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Phase 1a trial findings of iLCT prioritised drug, Anle138b

The findings of the phase 1a clinical trial of Anle138b have been published. Anle138b is a new drug that targets the build-up of alpha synuclein, a protein that clumps together in Parkinson’s.

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Spring Research Update Meeting 4 May: recorded to watch again

Theme: Why diabetes drugs might be an important potential line of treatment for Parkinson’s. The meeting was recorded and is available to re-watch now