Rewatch this 3P – Seminar

For our patient led session, Parkinson’s patient advocates Benjamin Stecher presents on ‘A Wish List for Neurodegenerative Research’ and Hugh Johnston discusses ‘Just the Facts – Parkinsons’s Age, Incidence and Prevalence.’

Ben’s presentation includes:
A broad outline of some of the challenges the field of neurodegenerative research faces and some of the things that could be done to start addressing them.

Hugh’s presentation featured the following:
Hans Rosling found humans are biased to facts they learn when they are young. What researchers believe about the age of onset in Parkinson’s appears to be firmly anchored a fact base from decades ago. Age of onset for Parkinson’s is approaching 75 and YOPD represent under 2-3% of cases. We will cover the facts today, compared to facts from decades ago. The talk will challenge those attending to do fundamental research to reset our understanding on these facts, and to challenge other areas where our current understanding is likely out of date.