In this 3P Seminar

Malu G. Tansey, Professor at the University of Florida, and Anita Corbett, Professor at Emory University, present on “Crucial Conversations and Self-Awareness – Overcoming Impostor Syndrome and Stereotype Threat in Academia.,.”

In summary, Malu and Anita’s presentation features the following discussion:

Faculty often needs to have crucial conversations with supervisors for career advancement and with trainees. Both types of communication require trust and self-awareness. Feedback must be seen as constructive rather than personal criticism. The crucial conversations book focuses on building trust, open dialogue, and two-way street outcomes. The confidence gap book focuses on overcoming self-doubt and fear and acknowledges that fear is an evolutionary trait that is NOT going to go away but we need to acknowledge it, name it and not get ‘hooked’ by it. We will also discuss implicit bias stereotype threat, and impostor syndrome in academia, all timely topics given the current importance of race, gender, ethnicity, and privilege in the world today.