Join our “Multiple system atrophy (MSA)” themed session…

Raphaella So, PhD student at University of Toronto, presents on “Studying alpha-synuclein diseases in the context of conformational strains” and MSA patient advocate Beverly K. Wilson, discusses “Extraordinarily Healthy! . . . except for MSA”.

Raphaella’s presentation featured:
Like sporadic Parkinson’s, multiple system atrophy carries the pathological hallmark of misfolded wild type alpha-synuclein protein aggregates in patient brains. These proteins can form different structures, or conformational strains, which we believe underlie the symptom variability as well as the distinct disease progression rates. Using different chemical and mechanical conditions, we are creating distinct conformational strains of recombinant alpha-synuclein aggregates that, when injected into mice, can cause distinct disease progression rates, neurological symptoms, and protein deposition patterns. By expanding our conformational strains toolbox, we are seeking to more accurately model the various synucleinopathies in mice.

Beverly discusses her health & activity level prior to MSA, a brief timeline, 4.5 years of misdiagnosis and current MSA research and clinical trials.