The 2024 Planning for Prevention of Parkinson’s: A Trial Design Forum conference will be held from May 5-7 in Boston, Massachusetts, US. Hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital, this conference is intended to bring together Parkinson’s research stakeholders, academics, and patient advocates to share information on and inform future Parkinson’s prevention trials. In-person and virtual tickets are now available for this event.

The ‘prodromal’ phase of Parkinson’s refers to the period of time preceding diagnosis where Parkinson’s pathology begins to develop. This phase is thought to last up to 20 years and is often characterised by the onset of non-motor symptoms.

In recent years, there has been much interest in researching interventions for this prodromal phase to attempt to delay or even prevent the onset of Parkinson’s. At this conference, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the current trials and initiatives in this area of research. Registration to attend this event in person closes on April 14th and virtual attendees have until May 5th, and all working or interested in this field are welcome to attend.

From Cure Parkinson’s, our Recruitment and Retention Officer, Anaya Navangul, will be presenting two posters on some of our recent research efforts in this area.


May 5-7, 2024
Free – $450
External Event

296, State Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02109.

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