Van Andel Institute recently hosted a virtual webinar to discuss ‘Clinical Trials and Collaboration in Parkinson’s Disease’ as part of their “Public Lecture Series”. This informative event featured presentations and a Q&A session with international Parkinson’s disease experts including Cure Parkinson’s Director of Research, Dr Richard Wyse and Deputy Director of Research, Dr Simon Stott.

For the millions of people around the world with Parkinson’s, treatments that slow or stop disease progression are desperately needed. One promising approach to find such therapies is drug repurposing — rigorously evaluating medications for other diseases, such as diabetes, as potential treatments for Parkinson’s. The foremost initiative in this area is the International Linked Clinical Trials, a programme spearheaded by Cure Parkinson’s in collaboration with Van Andel Institute that brings together some of the world’s leading Parkinson’s scientists, clinicians and advocates to clinically evaluate whether existing medications can impede Parkinson’s progression.

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