This study (ANxiety with or without depressive features in Parkinson’s Disease ‘AND-PD’) is an observational and imaging study where people at the different stages of Parkinson’s will be assessed and followed for one year.

This study, led by Professor Anette Schrag, is looking to recruit around 200 participants:

  • 150 with Parkinson’s (at least 50 of whom will have significant anxiety).
  • 50 age-matched controls without Parkinson’s (25 with anxiety).
    Note: 50 participants from the total sample will also have an optional MRI scan.


  • Approximately 40% of people with Parkinson’s experience significant anxiety.
  • Little is known about how anxiety develops in Parkinson’s, and why some people with Parkinson’s are more prone to anxiety than others.
  • Anxiety and depression in Parkinson’s have been reported to cause greater functional impairment and lower quality of life, but it is poorly understood at present.
  • There is currently little information on effective treatments for anxiety in Parkinson’s.

Participants will answer questions about their anxiety, have an assessment of their movements and memory and undertake a series of computer tasks, which could be done remotely or in person. An optional MRI scan will be performed in some of the participants. This aims to determine the aspects of emotional processing that are impacted in Parkinson’s and underlie anxiety in Parkinson’s.

Find out more – The AND-PD Information Sheet

The AND-PD team are also running another trial alongside called ADepT-PD.

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