Supported and funded by Cure Parkinson’s, Van Andel Institute and the John Black Foundation, the next phase of this trial programme will follow shortly.

Phase 2 of the ‘AIM-PD’ study was a proof of concept study and involved 17 people with the genetic form of Parkinson’s over a 24 month period and was led by Professor Anthony Schapira at the Royal Free Hospital, London.

We are now looking to support Professor Schapira as he learns more about ambroxol’s safety and ability to penetrate the blood brain barrier at dose levels that are safe and effective in people with Parkinson’s.

PD Frontline – allowing people with Parkinson’s to be ‘trial ready’.

PD Frontline aims to put people with Parkinson’s at the forefront of research. For the first time, drugs that protect against or slow down the progression of Parkinson’s are a real possibility. Many of these drugs will be targeted at specific genes which we know influence the development of Parkinson’s.
People with abnormalities in these genes need to be identified to test whether certain drugs work – these people can then can be enrolled in clinical trials. PD Frontline enables testing for two genetic risk factors for Parkinson’s, called LRRK2 and GBA.

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