This trial is recruiting 408 people in 30 centres across the UK. Funded by the NIHR with support from Cure Parkinson’s, the trial lead is Professor Anette Schrag, the Royal Free Hospital, London.


Antidepressants Trial in Parkinson’s Disease (ADepT-PD): A randomised placebo-controlled trial on the effectiveness of the two drugs, nortriptyline and escitalopram, on depressive symptoms in Parkinson’s disease, with a sub-study on the effectiveness of nortriptyline to delay motor progression.

Cure Parkinson’s is supporting the sub-study of this trial which will be run as an adjunct to the main trial, in which existing participants will simply undergo some additional assessments of their movement symptoms after a year of treatment with nortriptyline. This approach makes the most of participants’ time and efforts, and maximises all potential outcomes from a large scale study on symptom management, through additionally investigating the critical question on the potential of nortriptyline to alter the course of the disease. An exciting and novel feature of this approach will involve the use of wearable technology to allow continuous measurement of movement over a week, in addition to the standard ‘OFF-state’ assessments.

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