The Krembil Knowledge Gaps in Parkinson’s Disease Symposium held in Toronto in April 2019 addressed some of the fundamental questions for further advancing Parkinson’s research. 

Key among the topics for discussion was the current thinking of Parkinson’s as a single condition or a syndrome of multiple diseases, and how this might impact current research efforts striving for biomarkers and disease modifying therapies.

Included in their discussions were the experiences gained in other diseases such as cystic fibrosis and breast cancer. Presentations provided an overview of those fields of research and compared them with the Parkinson’s field. They discussed key milestones that were critical to the development of their research and therapies.

Attendees also explored biomarkers and the challenges faced in developing the right clinical trials to target disease modifying drugs. All of these topics are critically important to Cure Parkinson’s as we continue to press forward with our international Linked Clinical Trials programme, bringing potentially disease modifying therapies to the Parkinson’s community.

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