2022 marks the 10th anniversary of our International Linked Clinical Trials (iLCT) programme. Since it was launched over 3,700 people have taken part in iLCT trials; 17 trials are ongoing, 13 trials have completed and 44 drugs are actively being pursued within the programme. There are only four disease-modifying phase 3 trials for Parkinson’s currently underway or imminent, and two of these have been directed through the iLCT process.

(Please note – above details correct at time of posting).

CEO Will Cook and Director of Research Dr. Richard Wyse discuss the founding and development of one of the most successful and pioneering drug-repurposing and repositioning programmes in the world.

Each month throughout this anniversary year, we will be bring you the latest update from the programme and this month Dr. Simon Stott, Deputy Director of Research, explains the criteria that potential drugs and compounds must meet before being advanced through the iLCT process and into clinical trials for the Parkinson’s community.